17 years experience working with Oracle Database technologies.

UK based Oracle experts, available when and where needed.

Oracle Partner Onomi’s Consultants have been experts in Oracle database technologies since the 1990’s. Our in-house Oracle Certified DBAs have worked with customers of all shapes and sizes and have real-world experience of every conceivable environment. This pedigree has been invaluable in creating our Oracle Managed Service & Consulting portfolio as we recognise the challenges faced by our customers.

Onomi Oracle services are designed to be flexible and to fit around your project needs – From occasional consultancy through to a 24*7 Oracle Managed Service, our services will meet both technical and budgetary requirements.


  • 24*7 Oracle Managed Service: 30 min SLA around the clock
  • EngineDB: Monitoring, alerting and proactive optimisation for Oracle
  • Back-up and Recovery: Improving recovery times and resilience
  • Licence Optimisation: Lowering licensing costs
  • Consolidation: Reducing overheads and increasing efficiency
  • Patch Management & Upgrades: Proactive advice on what should and shouldn’t be implemented
  • Outcome Based SLAs: Complete managed service assurance  Read more….
  • Database Design: Packaged design services   Read more….

Onomi deliver Consultancy and Oracle Managed Services for all Oracle database technologies though unique Outcome Based SLAs. As such, our customers benefit from complete assurance around service quality for all engagements. We support legacy “out of support” versions in addtion to new implementations and our skills include:

  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Oracle Real Applications Cluster (RAC)
  • Oracle DataGuard
  • Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Oracle Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Oracle Red Stack Technology Expertise – Full awareness of the Oracle ecosystem

Our long standing partnership with Oracle is testament to our integrity and experience. We provide expert and impartial advice to our clients to ensure the best fit Oracle license and database support model is in place. We sell Oracle licences as a value-add service as opposed to a primary revenue stream and thereby ensure the best possible commercial terms for our customers.


  • Licence Asset Management: Keeping costs under control
  • Compliance Management: Ensuring all systems are licensed correctly
  • Oracle Product Procurement: We work for our customers to gain maximum discount levels
  • Vendor Management: Helping you navigate around Oracle and reducing auditing stress
  • Cost Savings: Don’t get caught out by non-compliant systems

There are real opportunities for Oracle customers to take advantage of features such as multi-tenancy, cloud, in-memory and NoSQL capability. The Onomi Rethink service is a great initiative to provide Oracle users with independent, expert advice”.

James Peck

Oracle Partner Manager, Arrow ECS


Oracle Multitenant White Paper; Download here


Licensing Oracle in Virtual Environments (Do’s & Don’ts);  Download Here

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