Helping our customers to build high performance, always available applications with enterprise NoSQL.

Production DBA Services for your Couchbase environment.

The Onomi team have over 17 years experience in providing enterprise grade managed services for databases. Couchbase is a technology start up undergoing rapid adoption as organisations strive to meet the needs of highly scalable and “Always On” critical environments.

Couchbase provides a combination of a highly reslient cache and a flexible KV/Document NoSQL database. This means that Couchbase typically sits at the heart at some of the most demanding, critical web environments to provide sub millisecond performance to users. Our services wrap around the business critical support, experience and tools to ensure that our clients Couchbase deployments recieve the highest available level of service.


Onomi are one of the only Couchbase service partners in the UK. Our DBA’s work closely with your team to handle in life changes, maintenance tasks and performance tuning, monitoring the deployment 24×7. Onomi also offers a range of consulting services to assist our clients throughout the full lifecycle, including sizing and providing POC environments.

Our skills cover:

  • Couchbase Server 3.x & 4.0
  • Couchbase Mobile Sync
  • XDCR
  • Rack Zone Awareness
  • Memory Optimisation
  • Rebalancing & Cluster Management
  • Backup & Maintenance
  • Production Support: A 24x7x365 DBA team looking after your Couchbase deployment
  • Couchbase DBaaS: An enterprise grade Couchbase database as a service (DBaaS) available on AWS
  • Performance Tuning: Ensuring performance remains optimal (esp. RAM Tuning)
  • Real Time Monitoring: Our service overlay will be tuned for your environment
  • Healthcheck: A best practice point in time review of the Couchbase configuration
  • Database Design: Ensure the project gets the best possible start with our design & transition service Read More..
  • Proof of Concept: A jumpstart package to design and provide a ready to POC environment
  • Supported Versions: Supporting from Couchbase 3.x  & 4.x



Why NoSQL White Paper; Download here


N1QL Cheat Sheet;  Download Here


Download Couchbase Server 4.5 Beta preview;  Download Here

We think that in the second half of the year we’re going to see a significantly increasing number of enterprises start a broad re-platforming exercise to move away from legacy databases to NoSQL. Onomi are well positioned to help organisations think about how and when they are going to do that.

Adam Blackshaw

EMEA Business Development Director, Couchbase

Use our kick starter service to get your hands on a Couchbase POC.

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