IBM guarantees x1.8 MongoDB performance on Power8 vs Intel

A unique offer. IBM Power Systems guarantees the S822LC built with POWER8 delivers at least a 1.8 X price-performance advantage versus x86 based servers when running a customer application/workload based on MongoDB.

Offer expires on the 31/12/16 …

The IBM Power S822LC for Big Data server (20-core/2.92 GHz) must be purchased from one of our preferred IBM Business Partners prior to December 31, 2016. The guarantee period is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. The x86 based systems must be comparably configured branded servers from Cisco, Dell, HP, or Lenovo and the customer is responsible for all MongoDB licences.

1.8 X throughput performance per price means that the customer’s documented throughput performance on the S822LC POWER8 system based on either queries, operations or transactions per second divided by the price of the such system will be at least 1.8 times that of the customer’s same documented throughput performance on the x86 based system divided by the price of such comparable x86 based system.

Remediation: IBM will provide additional performance optimisation and tuning services consistent with IBM Best Practices, at no charge. If unable to reach guaranteed level of price-performance, IBM will provide additional equally configured systems to those already purchased to reach the guaranteed level of price-performance.

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1.Client’s POWER8 Machine and the x86 Machine must be running at similar utilisation rates.

2.Client’s POWER8 Machine’s system performance cannot be constrained by I/O subsystem. Specifically, the I/O subsystem on the POWER8 Machines must achieve greater than or equal I/O bandwidth and operations per second than the x86 Machine.

3.Client’s POWER8 Machine’s physical memory must be the same as or greater than the physical memory on the x86 Machine.

4.Client is responsible for demonstrating comparable representative workload between the POWER8 Machine and the x86 based system through the use of the IBM recommended tools and comparable tools on x86 systems.

5.This guarantee applies only to server sales in UK only.

1.8x guarantee is based on list price for the x86 based server (Dell, Cisco, HP or Lenovo) and the list price for the IBM S822LC for Big Data

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