“Outcome based SLA’s align our team with the customer, ensuring we are both working to the same goals and success.”

Julian Boneham

Co Founder


At Onomi building a great customer experience is the cornerstone of our business. We created the Outcome SLA to ensure that our team was in step and aligned with the needs of our customers, allowing us to create the right culture to deliver success to our clients. Our customers simply tell us they need their databases to be available and providing great performance to users. So we took this feedback, threw away the service provider beneficial approach of penalties and backed ourselves by saying that you pay us only when we deliver these results. Here’s how it works:

The below chart demonstrates what the SLA of our competitors looks like. Inflexible, penalty driven with a weak ability to drive results.

Our approach is radically different. We only charge 50% of the price we agree with our customers, then every month we get paid as we deliver the agreed outcomes. In fact we only charge the full agreed contract price if we overachieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be tied into a minimum contract term?

We are really flexible and can offer contracts from one to sixty month terms, whatever suits your business.

How can I be sure the SLA's will meet my expectations?

Our outcome based SLA’s ensure we are 100% committed to over achieving on our customer expectations. Remember if we don’t meet the outcome expectation we don’t get paid the bonus.

I use an existing provider, how will Onomi ensure a smooth tranisition of services?

We will run our service in parallel for at least 30 days at no cost and will document a thorough take on service. By the time our support goes live we will know your systems inside out.

My environment can change quickly, what happens if I need to increase or decrease the level of support?

Additional systems can be added with immediate effect, systems can be removed with just one months notice.

Does it matter if my database is hosted by a cloud provider?

No, we have considerable experience working with cloud providers as well as looking after customer databases hosted in corporate datacentre environments.

Our transition services  remove the risks of migrating from your current provider, allowing you to easily move from A to B.

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